Great prospects for mobile gaming in Mexico

Players might have to wait a bit longer for online gambling to be legalized in the United States, especially now that casino moguls are fighting any bill. On the long run, those who promote this sort of entertainment over the Internet will probably prevail, but for the time being casino operators need to look elsewhere for a quick fix. The good news is that the North American continent offers other opportunities and Mexico looks like a particularly exciting proposition.

Sky Vegas Casino is one of the ventures anxious to tap into the immense potential of a market that could offer millions of gamblers. Existing regulations are far from perfect, but improvements are made to these laws and the officials are promoting legislation that is expected to have a two-pronged effect. Online casinos will be some of the beneficiaries, as they will soon have the legal framework to expand to this market, while land-based venues could flourish in touristic areas.rounderspalace Great prospects for mobile gaming in Mexico

Acapulco is no longer the hotspot of entertainment in Mexico, due to the power struggles between drug cartels, but the good news is that Cancun is flourishing. American and European companies will wait for more incentives to invest heavily here, but online ventures won’t have to take big chances. The real reason for why the Mexican market is so attractive is that most locals have a smart phone and spend a lot of time surfing the Internet.

Mobile gambling is no longer a dream but a lucrative reality and with so many Mexicans sharing a passion for technology and online games, there is money to be made here. is one of the pioneers and if the Law on Games of Chance is brought up to date after almost 2 decades, more investors are expected to arrive. It isn’t far-fetched to assume that some will choose to set up their headquarters here, in order to avoid increasingly high taxes, such as the one recently 15% tax levy enforced in the UK.

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