Leo Vegas expands mobile presence in the UK

leovegas 300x195 Leo Vegas expands mobile presence in the UKLeo Vegas Casino has been growing at an accelerated pace over the last couple of years and the company is poised to follow this trend in 2014. It set the bar high but their expectations are just as impressive, with their target for this year being the UK mobile market. In order to conquer new frontiers and establish a strong position in this highly competitive environment, the Swedish-based online casino will team up with the Mirror and the Sun.

This ambitious project will set them back a bit financially, but the upside is significant and they’ve got the expertise and resources to succeed. Going alone would’ve probably been a mistake, but with the support of these prominent British publications, Leo Vegas UK is very likely to make the first attempt count. What they’re trying to do is to tap into the immense potential of the UK mobile market, while building on their previous success in Europe.

The costs are estimated two 2 millions of euros, which would be pouring from Leo Vegas Casino accounts into the UK market. The lion’s share will go to marketing and so far, the online casino has spent a hefty amount on purchasing airtime. Their first advertisements have already hit the UK audience and they were successful to say the least, which explains the enthusiasm of CEO Johan Styren.

He clearly stated his intention of conquering this new market and with the support of strong partners within the borders, Leo Vegas Casino is very likely to succeed. To say that there is a significant competition in United Kingdom would be an understatement, as there are several big players operating here already. This doesn’t have a deterring effect on the CEO or the company he represents, as they’ve got the experience and a flawless track record to build on.

Among those who have been recruited to help them in their new campaign are Shenaly Amin who diligently worked for Game Account as head of the affiliates. Mobile marketing agency Somo has also tagged along and with the ex-Virgin Games commercial director Joshua Morris in their courtyard, Leo Vegas Casino will probably pack quite a punch.

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