Prepare for an epic adventure this year with Mr Green Casino

rounders 300x130 Prepare for an epic adventure this year with Mr Green CasinoMr Green Casino has a reputation for running the coolest promotions online and in 2014 they rise to the occasion once again. They have just announced a brand-new campaign that goes by the name of Dream A Little Green and promises to be a truly groundbreaking event. Players will be competing for one of the weekly prizes, while the luckiest winners will spend an astonishing month traveling in exquisite locations or try the adrenaline rush produced by flight at supersonic speeds.

If you think that this sounds too good to be true, know that new players and existing ones who deposit at least €50 each week will receive a participation code. This will make it possible for them to compete for one of the numerous weekly prizes that include the thrills of driving an Aston Martin, owning a PS4 or a top-of-the-line audio system. All these prizes are within reach, but the rewards that everyone hopes to win are a lengthy trip around the world and flight on board of the latest MIG 29.

The jet flight experience includes a paid trip to Moscow and Nizny Novgorod where the Air Force Base is located. The winners will undergo intensive training before embarking on board of the jet fighter and will be traveling at speeds that are twice as fast as the speed of sound. If you find the prospect intimidating, know that you can choose a perfectly safe voyage around the world, that includes stops in Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok and Sydney.

Regardless of what you hope to win in 2014, it is hard to find a better place to put your luck to the test than Mr Green Casino. Adventurous and regular online casino players will be hard pressed to find a better deal and the more they deposit, the more money they are likely to make, while these exquisite prizes represent the icing on the cake.

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